April 21, 2013

To Eric (on 4/21/13),

6 years ago today I woke up with a nasty stomach virus and spent all morning huddled in the bathroom, barfing continuously. But I decided I still wanted to marry you and picked myself up, showered, got my hair and makeup done, put on a wedding dress, and set out to marry you.

We had planned to take pictures before the ceremony… You were late because you had gotten locked in the bathroom. But you decided you still wanted to marry me, and after considering jumping out the hotel window in your towel, you picked the lock with a set of nail clippers, slashed your hand in the process, and set out to marry me.

When we both finally arrived for pictures, I barfed some more, mid-picture. After a breather and two medical consultations, we decided to push forward. During the ceremony, I nearly passed out and had to sit down several times. But we agreed to marry each other, in sickness (ha ha) and in health. I couldn’t sample our wedding dinner or our cake and I toasted with ginger ale.

The week of our 5th anniversary last year, I was home from work, oddly enough, with a stomach virus, when I discovered our sweet Sienna had a huge swelling on her neck. So instead of celebrating, we were in the hospital, another step along Sienna’s path to diagnosis with FOP.

Today, on our 6th anniversary, I’m not going to even entertain the idea of a celebration, or get all shmoopy because life is hard and this year has been a real stinker as we’ve helplessly watched Sienna endure flare-up after flare-up. I’ve thought about renewing our vows someday because we deserve a do-over, but in the scheme of things a wedding day doesn’t seem so important anymore. Besides, I think all I’d really like is a do-over on eating wedding cake.

So let’s not exchange anniversary cards or gifts. Buy me a bouquet of flowers inwww.siennasflowergarden.com and I’ll do the same for you. Because you know what would be even better than a vow renewal? A big party to announce a cure for FOP! And there will be cake. LOTS of cake.


To everyone else: True story. Everyone’s invited when we get to celebrate a cure. And I’m serious, LOTS of cake. Help us get there by spreading the word and planting some flowers!

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