Impromptu Anatomy Lesson

Last night when Sienna was going potty before bed, she asked “What do boys do in the potty?”

Oh…  wasn’t expecting that question…

So I launched into a 5 minute description of how boys and girls mostly do the same things in the potty, but explained the differences between girls and boys, using all the correct names for all the parts (my doctor pals tell me this is important).

Sienna listened intently.  When I was done, she said “some boys put their heads in the toilet. Ha ha ha ha hahaha!”

Then I remembered a sign on the bathroom door at her occupational therapist.  It has a picture of a boy with his head in the toilet, with a note that says “please supervise your children.”

Note to self for when the birds and the bees come up: maybe I should always ask her what she thinks the answer is first.


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