Fall Fashion

Ah, fall. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Relief from the sticky summer heat but not yet too cold. Gorgeous fall leaves. School back in session. Apple picking. Pumpkin picking. Halloween just around the corner.

What goes hand in hand with the fall season? Fall fashion of course. I’d like to walk you through my fashionable week, Rare Mom style.


On Monday I wore a gray sweater, accessorized with silver jewelry and a generous helping of boogers and tears on the shoulder. Monday mornings are hard on Sienna. Since we’ve just spent two full days together, she finds it hard to adjust to me having to leave again. Pair that with the fact that the FOP flare-up she’s been going through since August has moved up to her neck so I know she’s a little uncomfortable.


On Tuesday I wore black corduroy pants. Well, they WERE black when I put them on. Then I sat on Sienna’s fluffy white carpet and spent the rest of the day picking off white fuzz.


I try not to wear the same thing twice in one week, but on Wednesday it was back to boogers and tears again, this time paired with jeans and a blue and white striped shirt. (Did I tell you we can wear jeans every day at my new job – amazing!) Today’s boogers and tears are sadly due to fashion itself. You see, Sienna has an awesome nightgown. It has red polka dots and it’s super soft and silky. She wants to wear it all day. However, I don’t think she should wear it all day. Especially not at breakfast, which must be sticky peanut butter and honey toast, every morning. This was the source of much disagreement at 6am. Then I had a brilliant idea. I remembered how much Sienna loved to try to match my outfits over the summer. And I also remembered that I just bought her a new blue and white striped shirt that matched mine perfectly. I pulled it out with a pair of her jeans and said “Look! We can match today!!! Won’t that be fun!?”

Apparently, it would NOT be fun at ALL. It would be a VERY BAD idea.

For about 15 minutes I tried to convince her to match me until I realized… I was begging a 3-year-old to match me.  So I gave up, told her to pick something else, and thankfully she let me put the nightgown aside. She wore a white shirt with a butterfly on it and green pants. I went off to work, sadly not matching anyone.


On Thursday Sienna woke up at 5:30am and refused to go back to sleep. She usually gets up a little after 6, after I have showered and gotten dressed. I ended up giving her the kindle fire and begging her to watch a show in bed so I could take the fastest shower on the planet and get ready. I’m not even sure what I wore. I hope I wore something and it wasn’t a real life bad dream where I got to work and had no clothes on. I am pretty sure I would remember it if that had happened. Wouldn’t I?


On Friday, the morning went so smoothly I had time to stop for coffee on the way to work.

I never have time to stop for coffee.

My coffee splashed on my leg while I was driving.

Maybe there’s a reason I shouldn’t stop for coffee. But anyways, on Friday I wore coffee.

What’s your fall fashion statement?

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