Hope your Thanksgiving overflowed with… joy!

We are thankful for so many things this year: Sienna’s health and happiness, the amazing progress that continues to be made towards an effective treatment for FOP, our families, our cozy little house, two happily employed parents and finally finding “the one” (our nanny, of course).
We are especially thankful today that Thanksgiving has given us a brief rest from a very eventful week.  Sienna has been sick off and on for about two weeks – fevers, coughs, runny nose.  I’ve been in a continual panic about whether or not it could be the flu.  (The flu has been shown to cause FOP flare-ups, which we avoid at all costs).
She seemed to be starting to feel better on Sunday, so I cleaned the house top to bottom and ran about 8 loads of laundry:  every towel, sheet, item of clothing, everything that wasn’t tied down. Disinfected all of our surfaces.  Out with the germs!
Then Monday morning rolled around…  At 6am I woke up to find dog barf on our freshly cleaned comforter. Laundry load #9 got started right away…
At noon, I was in the middle of a serious work meeting and received a sweet picture texted from our nanny: Sienna with a huge smile in front of an empty plate.  She had eaten an entire plate of buttter chicken with rice and veggies.  Ah, a good appetite is a sign she is on the mend!
Then, at 12:15 I got another text:  “OMG the toilet overflowed”.  Now, I was still in the middle of the work meeting and wasn’t not sure whether to panic or laugh.  I knew that I probably shouldn’t be on my phone texting during the meeting, but from subsequent texts I gathered that the toilet had shot up and overflowed into the living room.  I should probably panic…  Sienna and our poor nanny were trapped in the one dry spot in the bathroom.  Luckily they are both quick thinkers and devised a plan to use a towel as a bridge and made their way out to dry ground.
This was one day that I kind of wished I had a nanny cam.
Our sweet nanny was able to disinfect most of the offending areas before I got home, and I finished the rest after Sienna went to bed, including laundry load #10 (that towel bridge).  I was ready to go to sleep by about 8:30, which is when I realized I had also finally caught whatever Sienna had.  Then Rare dad caught it a day after me…
Fast forward two more days of feeling terrible, 5 boxes of tissues, more loads of laundry…  We are all definitely still sick but thankfully on the mend.  Thankful that that we were able to spend a quiet day with family.
We hope that all of you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that the only thing your house overflowed with was joy!
If not, tell me!  What did your Thanksgiving overflow with?

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