1 Week Until the Marathon: Building Suspense

It it now just over one week away from the marathon! As a reminder, Sienna is completing a full marathon between now and the Boston Marathon on April 21st. The Boston Marathon is being run in her honor by Kuber S., as part of Genzyme’s Running For Rare Diseases program. Each week I’m sharing our training progress and sharing the story of another FOP friend. If you are new to this series on our training, you can catch up here:


And see Kuber’s page here:


Last time I checked in was 4 weeks ago and our mileage total was 11.53 miles.

It’s been a busy few weeks: Sienna was sick twice (one stomach bug, one bout of a fever/runny nose), it was the close of our fiscal year at my work, and it’s been freezing cold until this week.

But really, we just like to build suspense. Do you think we’ll finish our marathon distance before April 21st? Here is the total of our mileage for weeks 5-8:

On two days when it was warm enough, we went on family walks to the beach and back (1 mile each) = 2.0 miles

But Sienna is getting tired of stroller walks and wants to do more on her own, so I am allowing a rule change – I had originally intended to count only miles that she was pushed in her stroller. But now I am also counting miles that she covers herself (while making sure she doesn’t get over tired). For the past few weeks, this includes:

Two days of big wheel riding (0.5 miles each) = 1.0 miles

One freezing and rainy long walk on the beach (she kept walking and walking and then decided she was tired, so she got a stylish lift home): 1 mile
stylish lift

One walk with Sienna pushing her doll stroller: 0.5 miles (ok, she pushed her stroller 0.25 miles and then I carried her and her doll stroller while also walking the dog for the remaining 0.25 miles)

It's a bird... it's a plane...  nope, it's me carrying Sienna and her stroller while walking the dog.

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… nope, it’s me carrying Sienna and her stroller while walking the dog.

One long walk to the park (Sienna walked this entire distance herself) = 0.92 miles

Which brings us to our current total: 16.95 miles
9.25 miles and 9 days to go – do you think we will finish?

Also, I’m out of FOP friend stories to share! FOP friends, message me if you would like to share your story. We will make a donation for each story we share.

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