NY, here we come! Also, a love letter to Dr Pepper

Just over 7 years ago, Rare Dad (before he was Rare Dad) accepted a job in Dallas.

I told him he was crazy.

I was a city girl, living in a 40th-floor studio apartment in Manhattan, working in the glamorous world of beauty at Revlon. Everything I could ever need or want was within a 10 minute walk, I could (and did!) see friends any night of the week, and I hadn’t driven a car in over 5 years.

He told me Dallas was a place where I could eat quesadillas (my favorite food) every day. And not quesadillas as I knew them. Quesadillas made with fresh tortillas and guacamole like I’d never tasted before.

I told him to keep talking…

A couple of months later, he proposed.

I said I’d try Texas.

For two years.


Back at work at Revlon, I was drinking a Diet Dr Pepper and pondering where on earth I could work in Dallas. I’m a marketer. Would I have to market cowboy hats? Learn to herd cattle? Use “Y’all” as if it was a real word?

I checked the label of my Diet Dr Pepper: Made in Plano, TX.

I wondered if that was near Dallas. Turns out it is. Turns out they were hiring. The rest is history.

Just over 7 years, at least 364 quesadillas (my conservative estimate of 1 a week for 7 years) and at least as many Dr Pepper Snapple Group products later (Mmm… Snapple… Mott’s applesauce… Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer…), it’s time to come home. Our family and friends miss us, and we really need their support in our fight against FOP. We also want to be closer to the FOP team at Penn Medicine who are making such great strides to cure Sienna.

And truthfully, I’m getting a little tired of quesadillas.

I’ve found an incredible new work family and will be joining the team at Prestige Brands in September. They make Little Remedies, PediaCare, Efferdent, Chloraseptic, Clear Eyes, Ludens, Dramamine, and other great over-the-counter healthcare brands! http://prestigebrandsinc.com/

But it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to the great state of Texas. We will miss the friends we’ve made and the incredible nannies who have helped us raise and protect Sienna, both before and after her diagnosis (and who have taught her Spanish and Korean. I don’t know what she’ll do with this knowledge yet, but I’m thinking it should help her eventually rule the world).

We will especially miss the wonderful people of Dr Pepper Snapple Group. They are the real reason my agreement to try Texas for 2 years turned into 7 years. They supported us like you would not believe when Sienna was diagnosed with FOP last year. They are the reason I’ve stayed here and been a single mom to Sienna for the past 4+ months while Rare Dad worked in NYC. My Dr Pepper family will be my family forever, but it turns out I can’t be a single mom forever. I’m exhausted.
Exhibit A: https://raremom.com/2013/07/26/i-cant-find-the-cheese/

I leave Texas with a much richer life than when I arrived. I leave with a husband, a daughter, a dog, the ability to drive, a lot of memories, and a HUGE determination to do what I can to help with the fight to cure FOP. Sadly, however, I leave without even one cowboy hat, I have no idea how to herd cattle, and I’ve only used the word “y’all” once or twice.

Maybe I should use it now, for good measure? Hey, y’all! Texas friends! We’re leaving Texas on August 24th! We have a ton to do to get ready, but drop me a note if you want to say goodbye in person!

And of course… NYC-area friends and family, who’s up for a “welcome back” party*?!
*Please note that my definition of “party” now means eating cake, maybe having a glass of wine, and typically wraps up by 7pm. But it’ll be really good cake.

2 thoughts on “NY, here we come! Also, a love letter to Dr Pepper

  1. Count me in for the welcome home cake party! We are looking forward to seeing you back in NY and hopefully meeting this special little girl we’ve heard so much about. ♥

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